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Deja vu?  Due to a computer glitch (read: operator error), this post was published recently – prematurely.  Somehow my finger managed to hit “Publish” instead “Save Draft.”  WordPress, maybe you could add an “Are You Sure, Idiot?” message before publishing?  I’ve added a few photos since that inadvertent post.  These are some of the images that Kel, Ike and I see on our daily walks.


Foggy Pasture

Hackberry Tree in Morning Fog.

Foggy Pond

Foggy Morning, Little Pond.

Box Turtle

Box Turtle in Dewy Grass.

Tracks Through the Wet Grass.

Tracks Through the Wet Grass.



Sweet Violets, Sweeter than the Roses…



Old Deer Stand

Old Deer Stand in Woods.

Bluebird House, Honeysuckle

Weathered Bird House on Windmill; Honeysuckle in Bloom.

New Leaves, Young Oak

New Leaves on a Young Oak Tree.

Barbed Wire, Post

Rusty Barbed Wire, Old Wood Post.

Moss on Rocks

Gray Moss on Rocks.


Hummingbird Moth on Bugleweed

Hummingbird Moth on Bugleweed.

Snapping Turtle

Small Snapping Turtle.


At Grass Level.

Sky, Contrail

Plane Contrail.

Horsehead Pump

Horsehead Pump.

Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush.


20 thoughts on “We Walk

  1. tearoomdelights

    I wondered what had happened there, I clicked on my email to view your post yesterday and it wasn’t there! Glad to see it’s appeared now though. What a stunning collection of beautiful photos. It’s so nice to see the area round where you live, it’s utterly charming. I especially liked the foggy pictures, I like a nice bit of atmospheric fog.

  2. Shira

    Gorgeous photos Ann! Isn’t WordPress funny….I totally agree the “Are you sure, birdbrain (in my case)?” button would be brilliant….done it a few times myself!
    Happy Monday to you! Love this post today..

  3. Dudette

    Beautiful photos!!!! Looks like a gorgeous and peaceful walk! And awww on the turtles, I really really love turtles, you really made my day with posting these pictures!

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