59 thoughts on “Summer Comes Early (To My Hair)

  1. meizac

    Personally, I favour the mohawk, but only if you were walk around with that look on your face (pic 3). Not many people can carry off hair that short. Very nice.

  2. Somer

    Simply Gorgeous (or gorgeous and simple…)! I used to have hair as short as yours. Wish I was brave enough to chop it all off again. I think I spend too much time hiding behind my ultra-long-too-much-work-hair.

  3. An Unrefined Vegan

    I have dreams sometimes about having long, straight hair (mine is quite curly). The truth is, I don’t know what I’d do with a lot of hair and this way I can just wash and forget it! And thank you :-).

  4. biggsis

    I’d say you are brave but when you look that good with a radical cut, it just makes sense, doesn’t it? But now I have to say you are brave because I am too chicken to go that short. Maybe you’ve inspired me… The scissors are right upstairs….

  5. Tiffany

    I miss my head being shaven. Craig and I did that for terry fox and Autumn cut her ponytail. I liked not having to worry about having hair. Now it has grown back, but I have to have it up all the time because Serafina just grabs it anyway. You are beautiful! 🙂

      1. Kinenchen

        I’ve never met a beautiful woman who wasn’t self conscious about *something*. It’s proof that you’re a person and not a robot

  6. Barb

    How cute! I’m almost ready for a short(er) cut… I once went REALLY short-although not as short as yours- and loved it. It’s liberating, right?

  7. keepinitkind

    It is really hard to carry off short hair like that- you do it extremely well! The cut looks gorgeous and this was just the kick in the pants I needed to go get a trim (I’ve been putting it off for, oh, let’s say 4 months or so). Absolutely beautiful! 🙂

  8. tinykitchenstories

    Wonderful photos!! The Husband loves my hair long, and I mean LONG, so I’m jealous of the freedom of your short hair! But it will be trimmed within a month–finally got him to allow me to cut off 8″ to send to a children’s charity for wigs. IT WILL STILL BE LONG HAIR. Men! *harumph*

  9. Brittany

    You ROCK the shat out of this hair style..you look SO cute. I love the mohawk style on you too..maybe sometime you can leave it for a day or two!! I can only hope to someday pull this look off like you do!

    1. An Unrefined Vegan

      Thank you, my dear! I might do the mohawk someday, dye it platinum blonde…you know, when I’m 70 or something, Hehe. You are a sweet thang and no doubt you would look awesome with a short ‘do!

  10. Averil

    Love the ‘During the crop’ pc and now I’m tempted to go get my head buzzed. Just had my hair cut short after six years of letting it grow out… but now… maybe… oh! my hair stylist is gonna throw a blue fit. Perhaps I’ll just do it myself 😉

  11. bar

    You are freaking gorgeous! And you donned the momentary mohawk, so you are also freaking awesome. Love the buzz! I want to do it someday.

  12. luminousvegans

    I just chopped off all my hairs too so I have the same cut but maybe an inch longer. I’ve been rocking the short-short do for several years now and I never see myself growing it out again. I honestly think EVERY woman looks gorgeous with “boy” short hair. Also, I have this weird anti-normal, anti-tradition rebellion thing going on which manifests in strange things like haircuts. 🙂


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