And Now, A Word For Our Sponsors

Thank YouYou may have noticed a Sponsors page on the Virtual Vegan Potluck website.  For this Potluck we thought we’d ask some of our favorite chefs, bloggers and businesses to help spread the word about the plant-based party we are having on November 1.  In return, we’ve showcased them on the website.

What does it mean for you??  With their help – via Tweets and Facebook posts – the VVP will reach a wider audience which means more visitors and readers for our blogs and more folks who will learn about how delicious and creative vegan eating is.  So, please visit the VVP Sponsor page – or click below – and send our friends some love right back at them.  Like their Facebook pages (and say thanks) and Follow them on Twitter (and fire off a Tweet) to let them know their help is appreciated.

Vegan Cuts

Herbivore Clothing Company

Rico Brand

Frida Bistro

Chef AJ

Frisch Compassionate Eatery

JL Goes Vegan

A Silent Cure in My Own Back Yard, by Kate Murray 

The Vegan Slow Cooker, by Kathy Hester

Chef Ramses Bravo

Pomona’s Universal Pectin

23 thoughts on “And Now, A Word For Our Sponsors

    1. An Unrefined Vegan

      HAHA! Oh man…I think because I started out the post as, yes, chai-spiced truffles, but then veered off into thanking our sponsors. WP keeps the original URL. Stupid, WP! But fear not, chai-spiced truffles are coming next month ;-)! You sly girl!

  1. kristy

    Way to go, guys! I’m so impressed! And I just put the finishing touches on my VVP post yesterday- I’m so excited!!! (Can you tell by all of the exclamation marks?)!!!

  2. Courtney

    That is so cool, Annie! You got some great sponsors, which is awesome. I can’t wait for the 1st to read all the posts! Plus, it is my birthday, and what better way than to celebrate than with lots of yummy vegan food ideas to make this weekend?! Thank you for creating the potluck!


  3. JL

    Happy World Vegan Day, you fabulous bloggers! I’m so excited to see your recipes and I’ll be sharing the Virtual Vegan Potluck on my blog today!


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