25 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

      1. Somer

        NO WAY! Girl, I have to introduce you to Ecco next time you’re down. It’s the Australian version of Dandy, we have it nearly every day!

  1. narf77

    Just wondering where the post after this one is? I can’t seem to access it through my rss feed reader and it’s not visible here (the potluck post)? I would LOVE to check out the vegan potluck but the link isn’t working. Cheers in advance for sorting it out 🙂

      1. narf77

        Lol! I would be worse than you if I didn’t have my technogeek husband hovering behind everything that I do online and fixing my stuff-ups BEFORE they threaten to melt the net 😉 forget red, my face often turns puce in my online technophobic endevours 😉

  2. Cauldrons and Cupcakes

    Happy Halloween to you too, Annie! We’re done with ours, here in Australia, and it’s tomorrow morning already – almost pot luck time. All my visiting trick-or-treaters last night got an organic orange or a magical rock… LOL!


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