Drinking Your Greens: Oriya Organics Review

Oriya Green DrinksMy friends would never guess from looking at me. My family isn’t attuned to the tell-tale signs. But each morning I dump it surreptitiously into my smoothie; in the afternoon I take it straight up in filtered, room temperature water. The murkier the better and if the stuff tastes like freshly mown grass – I’m in heaven. I’m a green powder junkie. I’ve worked my way through more green powder brands than John Mayer has bedded starlets. Why do I like green drinks so much? Remember when all looked hopeless for Popeye – Bluto was about to win Olive Oyl’s heart – and then he’d greedily gulp down huge cans of spinach? Popeye’s biceps would bulge with anvils and soon his arms would be rotating like crazy windmills and he’d knock Bluto into orbit. Same thing for me. Only my biceps bulge with Dyson vacuum cleaners and my arms are whirling dervishes of Swiffers.

When Oriya Organics asked if they could send me samples of two of their products I said something along the lines of, “Bring on Bluto!” By the way, they didn’t ask me to write a review and they certainly did not pressure me to write a good review.

One of my complaints about some green powder brands is that they put weird stuff in there – stuff that I don’t want – like sweeteners and flavorings. If I want that stuff in my drink – I’m a big girl – I’ll add it myself. And some brands can’t guarantee their powder doesn’t contain animal products. Oriya products are 100% vegan, non-GMO, raw, organic, have no artificial ingredients, sweeteners or funky preservatives and wacky fake flavors. Just powdered green goodness – beautiful as the smell of freshly mown grass. Time to knock your day into orbit.

PS Thanks to Oriya, if you order from their website and use the coupon code (through April 30) unrefined you’ll get a free shaker bottle, free shipping and a 10% discount!

Here’s the lowdown:

Oriya Products

Superfood Protein Medley contains:
Sprouted Chia Seeds
Sprouted Brown Rice Protein
Hemp Protein
(21.2 ounces; 24 servings per container)

SuperGreen Medley contains:
Wheat Grass
Barley Grass
(8 ounces; 28 servings per container)

Superfood Protein Medley is soft-green in color and has a light, slightly sweet flavor, but I found it a bit gritty mixed with just water. This works better in a smoothie – though there is a powdery mouthfeel that remains. You’ll notice that “one level scoop” is a lot more than one scoop of the SuperGreen Medley powder.

SuperGreen Medley has a deeply green color and a flavor to match – really nice. It’s refreshing on its own and disappears like magic in smoothies.

The powders:

Powder Collage

In water:

Green Water

In smoothies:

Green Smoothies

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43 thoughts on “Drinking Your Greens: Oriya Organics Review

      1. Holly @ My Plant-Based Family

        It is the texture. I don’t have a high powered blender so that would help but it’s not a priority in our budget yet. Every smoothie I make for my family is about half greens and they love it. I’ll just have to aspire to your greatness! 😉

  1. mycookinglifebypatty

    The green drink sounds good but I’m more intrigued by the protein powder ingredients. That sounds really good! I don’t like weird added sweeteners and ingredients either. Does the label say how much protein you get in one scoop?

    1. Oriya Organics

      Thanks for showing interest in our product line! One serving of the protein provides: 18 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, 450 mg of omega-3’s and 53 mg of chlorophyll. Hope this helps!

  2. Brittany

    I LOVEEEE green powders too! I really just love green everything, it’s my favorite color after all. It’s been far too long since I’ve had a wheat grass shot, and I am clean out of any powders. MUST hit the store!

      1. veggiewhatnow

        Thanks, I was wondering about the ounces too! 🙂 Though, what I’d really need is a small packet for confirming no allergic reaction :/ It should be fine, but I’ve had trouble with protein powders before…

  3. Angela @ Canned Time

    Man! I just bought a big tub of ‘Amazing Grass’ on Saturday. This stuff looks awesome for next buy though. I like to add fresh greens but this stuff is a whole lot easier to transport and I’m pretty sure adds more bang for the buck nutritionally. Thanks for waking us up to the brand and giving heads up on the discount 😉

  4. Somer

    Fantastic Review babe! I love me the green stuff too. I wish I didn’t have a black thumb of death so I could grow proper wheatgrass, but the green powder is the next best thing! I love that this is plain jane. I bought a powder once and found it had probiotics that had been grown on dairy. I paid $50 bucks for it so I kept using it, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

    1. An Unrefined Vegan

      Green powder is so much more convenient (duh) – and mixes up a lot faster than running the wheatgrass through the mixer and then straining it. Seems it’s the only thing I CAN grow, so I’d better stick w/ it.

      1. Somer

        Yes, stick with it, cause even though I’m sure the powdered stuff is good, there’s gotta be more nutrients in the real deal.

  5. narf77

    I have 3kg of spirulina that I bought when I was weight training and promptly forgot about it when I opened the lid and got a whiff of it. I managed to try 1/4 of a teaspoonfull in some juice and couldn’t finish the glass it was so horrific…BUT…I rediscovered the spirulina, I add a teaspoon of it a day to my morning green smoothies and can’t even taste it! Either my taste buds have died or my newfound morning smoothie does a great job of masking that fish taste ;). I add a bunch of home grown spinach every morning to my smoothie (or silverbeet) and used to grow wheatgrass. I don’t mind the taste of wheatgrass straight but find that you have to grow WAY too much to get a single serve. Buying it dehydrated in this form would be great as you could just add a tsp/tbs to your morning smoothie (or a glass of water) and be done with it. Not sure if we can get it over here but we can get barley grass and wheat grass dehydrated. The internet makes a great playing field leveller for we “rest of the worlders” 😉

    1. An Unrefined Vegan

      Glad you’ve found a way to enjoy spirulina (my super-smart computer keeps changing that to “spiraling,” which would be great fun, but not what I need right now)! Definitely helps to have it wrapped in a green smoothie. I love the convenience of the powder, but still try and get a glass of the “real” wheatgrass juice each day. Doesn’t always happen, but I do try :-)!

  6. Little Sis

    Really? With just water? I tried it once that way because I was sick and needed the help, but it didn’t really appeal. Perhaps a healthy go at it would be fair.

      1. Little Sis

        I don’t know. I think I may give it a go. I’m cutting out my afternoon coffee, and I think this might help… Also might help keep the allergies at bay. I’ll report back. 😉

  7. biggsis

    Thanks for this review. I have indulged in the past – but the things are expensive and there is nothing worse than getting stuck with a big tub ‘o yuck that cost you an arm and a leg! Loving the discount offer as well!

  8. Monique

    I’ve been taking Oriya green drink for the past month, and it is by far the best green powder I’ve ever had. The taste isn’t too strong so you can put it in practically anything, and my energy level has improved. Instead of turning to soda, I am turning to my green drinks to give me the energy I need to get through the day. I never leave comments but thought I would about this product. Highly recommend.

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