New Look! Same Great Taste!

Splat Logo An Unrefined VeganIf all goes according to plan (gulp), within the next day or so you will see something different here.

Long awaited and long overdue, An Unrefined Vegan is about to get a completely new look and improved functionality.  You’ll find all of my previously published recipes and pages, but in a more personalized and user-friendly setting.  You will be able to print and save recipes.  You will be able to change the way you see the site with a click.  There are bells and whistles that even I haven’t discovered yet!  Even after the site goes live, there will be some major changes and adjustments happening and I’m sure there will be some technological wrinkles to iron out – so thank you in advance for your patience – and please let me know if you encounter any problems.

A big thank you to my friend, Lorene of Lorene Anderson Design, who not only painstakingly customized the site to get the look I wanted, but created my new logo.  Lorene and I met during our freshman year of art school and then as now I’m in awe of her talent.  She’s a gifted fine artist as well as a graphic and web designer.  I’m so thrilled that she worked with me on this new site.  If you’re looking to refresh your site/blog or need some artwork or a logo done, please contact Lorene.  You can see examples of her work here. I hope you like the new An Unrefined Vegan!

38 thoughts on “New Look! Same Great Taste!

  1. Angela @ Canned Time

    Fingers crossed for a smooth transition. Can’t wait to see it. I know you’ll be thrilled with your new options (after you recover from the heart attack of it all) Good luck to you and your coding ♥

  2. Richa

    awesome! all the best! love the logo!. the drop down menu words overlap when you increase the size. which i always do. I always read most everything at 125 to 150% enlarged. 🙂


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