Virtual Vegan Potluck is Back! Sign-up Starts Today!

You read that right! After skipping the May 2014 Potluck we are back and ready to party on December 13!

Are you a vegan or vegan-friendly blogger? Then head on over to the sign-up form and let us know in which course (appetizers, beverages, breads, salads, soups/stews, salads, main dishes, desserts) you’ll be contributing a dish. View the VVP “commercial” below or click here to view it via YouTube. Please feel free to share!

If you sign up, you must (absolutely, positively, no-doubt-about-it, zero exceptions) provide me with the shortlink of your blog post by December 8.  Your post need not be completed – just titled and scheduled – the link won’t change.  If I do not receive your shortlink, you will not be participating in the Potluck.  Instructions on how to locate the shortlink for your post are provided on the How It Works page.

Please help me maintain my sanity by reading and fully digesting the following:
I get many emails from participants asking for information that is clearly posted on the How It Works page.  The reason I wrote this page was to facilitate participation and to reduce the number of panicky emails I receive in the days prior to the Potluck.  For the love of all things plant-based, please visit the How It Works page before you contact me.  There are also nifty video tutorials available on this page. Please make good use of these entertaining little gems and also please read the written instructions carefully.

Just like the last Potluck:
To further assist you, each course will have a Mentor to answer questions.  This person will be your contact and guide in the days leading up to the Potluck.  Mentor names and email addresses will be provided in separate emails to participants.

A big thanks:
Angela of Canned Time be again be working behind the scenes with me as head VVP December 2014 Pinterest Board promoter and I’m also pleased to have Poppy of Bunny Kitchen along as well (check out Poppy’s voice over in the VVP commercial).  Thank you, Angela and Poppy!

Let’s welcome this Potluck’s BONUS CATEGORY:
Remember the Beet category from the last Potluck? We’ve decided to continue the tradition and add an additional category for this Potluck, too. Thanks to a suggestion from Keely at Gormandize, the category will be CITRUS! That means orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit. Use one of these fruits in your recipe – in any course – and you’ll be eligible for an additional prize if your recipe is chosen as the favorite in this category.

If you are planning on participating in this category, please make sure that you check the appropriate box on the sign-up form – otherwise I won’t be able to track down who is participating and who is not. Bonus: using the featured ingredient makes you eligible to win not one but two prizes…Just sayin’.

Get your buttons:
You can find the VVP logo and the “go forward,” “go back,” and “go to the beginning” buttons right here! New style this year!

Subscribe to this site to keep up-to-date on all of the info (and there will be more info…) on the upcoming event. Okay, now go and sign-up for VVP 5.0!

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