Virtual Vegan Potluck Reminders. And: Prizes!

Stay Calm VVP

If you’ve put off signing up for the next Virtual Vegan Potluck on December 13, you’d better get on it! There’s only about a week left to add your name to the list of plant-powered bloggers already signed on. It’s easy – just click here to fill out the form – and then get cracking in the kitchen!

Couple of other important tidbits:

  1. I’ve created new buttons that you can use to navigate readers from one blog to the next. Find them here.
  2. Please note that the posting time for those in the U.S. is NOT the same as it has been in prior Potlucks. We go live at 11:00 PM Eastern – one hour earlier than normal. This is so I can get my proper beauty rest! Questions? Check the How It Works page.
  3. Please get me your shortlinks by December 8, otherwise you will not be included in the Potluck. Shortlinks look like this: and are preferred over permalinks because they do not change. If you send me a permalink, make sure you have already scheduled your post AND that you have the permanent/correct title on your post. Any changes to either of those two things will change the permalink.
  4. Once I have the final list of Potluck participants on December 3, I will be sharing this with the VVP Mentors. They’ll be contacting participants shortly thereafter.
  5. As always, PLEASE read the How It Works page before emailing me or mentors with questions. Thank you!

Now, on to the prizes! To give you a little added incentive to sign up and share your best recipe, I’ve got some great prizes to share with the winners in each of the 8 courses + the winner of the Featured Ingredient category! Every single winner will receive:


Looking forward to seeing you at the Potluck!

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