The Vegetarian Flavor Bible Review + Giveaway


Salt and Pepper An Unrefined Vegan

Are you a food geek? A closet (or out-of-the-closet) gourmand who loves tinkering with ingredients and flavors? A gatherer of knowledge, trivia, and factoids? If so, Karen Page’s gorgeous hardcover book, The Vegetarian Flavor Bible is for you. It’s filled with more information than could possibly fit into one person’s head – no matter how big of a nerd he or she is. You’ll find herbs, spices, nuts, greens, vegetables, fruits, grains – – their flavors, description, nutritional profiles, flavor affinities, botanical relatives, calories – *take a breath* – and suggested ways to use them.

The Vegetarian Flavor Bible Cover An Unrefined Vegan

The Vegetarian Flavor Bible is the latest tome by Karen Page and it’s rather awe-inspiring, as you can see from the above description. Karen holds a certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell (T. Colin Campbell’s program) and has twice received a James Bear Award for other books; plus she was the wine columnist for The Washington Post. Oh, and by the way, her husband, Andrew Dornenburg, another author, took the photos that grace the book.

For a chance to feed your inner (and outer) geek, enter the giveaway below. Open to those residing in the U.S.

The Vegetarian Flavor Bible An Unrefined Vegan

Bay Leaves An Unrefined Vegan


Okra An Unrefined Vegan



Cranberries An Unrefined Vegan

Ground Coffee An Unrefined Vegan





28 thoughts on “The Vegetarian Flavor Bible Review + Giveaway

  1. Betsey Wright

    Too many faves to list–so many more to discover! This book promises as much passion, suspense, and delight as any novel I plan to read!

  2. Laura Black

    My favorite food pairing is rosemary, sage, oregano and basil. I’ll use any combination of the four herbs and the results are fabulous. I want to learn more about combining savory, sweet flavors, sour and savory and salty sweet flavors. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  3. Melissa

    One of my favorite flavor combos, at least when it comes to spices, is paprika and oregano. It goes really well with tons of different things.


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