The 160: The Essential Elements of an Oklahoma Ranch (PDF Version)


The 160 is the unhurried lope of a lanky coyote crossing the pasture on a foggy fall morning. It is the sound of a thousand tiny buzz saws – a chorus of crickets – from deep within the grass. It is cedars and elms and oaks. It is shoulder-high bluestem blowing and bending in a hot and humid southern wind. It is the cackling of crows and the lazy circling of vultures and hawks against a cloudless sky. It is barbed wire and sandstone. It is spiders and frogs, scorpions and bluebirds. It is iced-over winters, wet springs, rust-colored falls and furnace-hot summers.

This 180+ page book of full-color photographs taken by the author illustrates – stone, wood, flora, fauna, soil and sky, metal, water, bone – the essential elements of a ranch in Oklahoma.


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