The 160: The Essential Elements of an Oklahoma Ranch

Cover of The 160 by Annie Oliverio

The 160 is the unhurried lope of a lanky coyote crossing the pasture on a foggy fall morning. It is the sound of a thousand tiny buzz saws – a chorus of crickets – from deep within the grass. It is cedars and elms and oaks. It is shoulder-high bluestem blowing and bending in a hot and humid southern wind. It is the cackling of crows and the lazy circling of vultures and hawks against a cloudless sky. It is barbed wire and sandstone. It is spiders and frogs, scorpions and bluebirds. It is iced-over winters, wet springs, rust-colored falls and furnace-hot summers.

I created The 160 as an anniversary present to my husband, Kel, but I thought I’d share it here as well. Take a peek into our 160-acre Oklahoma ranch with this full-color photography book. It stars creatures both great and small, colorful flowers, soaring trees, deep green woods and rolling pastures. To purchase the paperback version visit Amazon. For the PDF version, click here.