Back in the fall of 2010, when An Unrefined Vegan was born, I never imagined that some day I’d be paid to take photos of food. I launched my blogging career without much thought; more passion than planning. Back then I was taking photos with my Android smartphone (and thinking they looked pretty darn good! They didn’t.). My dining room table served as the backdrop and I sometimes flipped on the overhead light for that special bilious look it gives to food. Though I worked for a commercial photographer straight out of college, I managed to survive my tenure without picking up any photography skills. It was a steep learning curve for me. Now I’m hanging out in antique shops looking to score tarnished flatware, faded fabrics, and vintage Pyrex. I covet camera lenses, wood with “patina,” and other bloggers’ props. (Oh, and sorry about taking over the garage, honey!) I swallowed hard and invested in Big Girl Photographer lighting for when the sun refuses to come out from behind the clouds, but always, always prefer to shoot in natural light.

I’ve been privileged to work with bloggers and authors Somer McCowan, Kathy Hester, Robin Robertson, and Laura Theodore on their cookbooks and cookbook covers.  I also took the photos for my own cookbook and e-book. Like the best renegade TV and big screen cops, I work alone. I prepare the food, make it pretty, and then I snap the pictures. Sometimes I’m also the hand model. The photo spreads below give you a good idea of what I can do.

If you’re looking for a vegan food photographer and what you see here looks tasty to you – let’s talk. You can contact me here.

Featured Work: 

The Abundance Diet by Somer McCowan of Vedged Out. Cover photo, cover design, and interior photos. (Publisher: Vegan Heritage Press)

Abundance Diet Collage

The Easy Vegan Cookbook, by Kathy Hester of Healthy Slow Cooking. Cover photo and interior photos. (Publisher: Page Street Publishing)

The Easy Vegan Cookbook Collage

The Easy Vegan Cookbook Photography by Annie Oliverio

Cook the Pantry: Vegan Pantry-to-Plate Recipe in 20 Minutes (or Less!), by Robin Robertson. Cover photo and interior photos. (Publisher: Vegan Heritage Press)

Cook the Pantry Collage

Cook the Pantry by Robin Robertson

Crave Eat Heal, by Annie Oliverio. Cover photo and interior photos. (Publisher: Cedar Fort Publishing)

Crave Eat Heal Collage

Crave. Eat. Heal. Outtakes. by Annie Oliverio. Cover photo, cover design, book layout and design, interior photos. (Self-published)
Crave Eat Heal Outtakes Collage

A mini-job for Laura Theodore’s Vegan-Ease: An Easy Guide to Enjoying a Plant-based Diet. Publication date: October 8, 2015. (Self-published by Laura Theodore)

Jazzy Vegetarian Collage photos by Annie Oliverio


Mobile to Mumbai: Plant-based Southern Comfort Food With A Side of Curry. Recipes & text by Tracey Narayani Glover; photographs and e-book design and layout by me. Available at Arc For All Beings for a suggested $4.99 donation. Proceeds benefit the good work in animal advocacy that AFAB does.

Mobile to Mumbai Collage

Mobile To Mumbai Cover


It’s Got To Taste Good! Easy Plant-based Meat Recipes for the Adventurous Home Cook. I collaborated with two friends to produce a paperback cookbook and e-book that focuses on plant-based meats recipes that are easy and wholesome. Think burgers, sausages, deli slices, roasts and even some basic cheeses.This is a self-published affair, but you can purchase it on Amazon. Photos, book and cover design: me!

It's Got To Taste Good Food Photos

It's Got To Taste Good Vegan Cookbook